The Sector

With 5,150 units, 191,500 employees and a turnover that, in 2017, reached 46.6 billions euro (+ 9.7% compared to 2016), the Italian companies of the sector export 68% of their production.

Made in Italy of the sector is known by end users all over the world for the extremely high technical standards and the strong capability to customise our offer to specific needs.

Based on these numbers, and the contents of the offer, Italy therefore plays a primary role in the scenario of the 28 countries of the European Union.

Although fourth (with an 11.3% share) among the highlighted countries in terms of EU GDP, it is second, at 12.5%, for its contribution to the industrial turnover.

And for its contribution to Machinery, the role of Italy is even more important: second immediately after Germany, with a fair gap between our country (17.3% of EU total) and its followers.



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