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What are cookie

Cookies are small text strings that the websites visited send to the devices, where they are stored and relayed once the user visits the website again. Cookies may perform different functions and have got different features. Cookies can be used by Data Controller either by Third Parties.  For further informations about cookies please visit;

Cookie used

Temporary– cookie delated every time the browsing session is closed

Persistent – cookie that remains until the period indicated as deadline


Cookie are divided in different categories:

session cookie, technical cookie, local storage and functional cookie

These cookies are created on first access and allow on one side the website to function properly and on the other side allow the User to better view the contents of the site on the device used.

Their deactivation could lead to incorrect viewing of the site or not allow interaction and the loading of some of its parts.

Localstorage is a technology managed for optimaze the browsing on the website. It doesn’t collect data concerning the preferences of the users (e.g. memorize a code that identify the session after user’s login, to avoid user insert username and password for every page in the reserved area).

Functional cookie allow the user to be recognize on subsequent visits, by memorizing some information in such a way as to offer a browsing experience more “User Experience”.

These cookies improve the quality and the experience of the websurf.







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How to manage your cookie throught browser setting

If you don’t know type / version of your browser, please click on “help” button, in the up right corner of this window. Here you’ll find all the necessary informations.


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Modification of the privacy policy

The Data Controller reserves the right to change, update, add or remove portions of this privacy policy at any time. In order to facilitate this verification, the privacy policy will contain the indication of the update date.

Updating date: 24th of November 2021

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