Federmacchine: good 2022. still growing 2023 but the expansion slows down

FEDERMACCHINE, the National Federation of Association of Manufacturers of capital goods intended for industrial and handicrafts manufacturing processes, is a reference for users from all over the world. It brings together 12 industrial associations active in various manufacturing sectors (machine tools, textiles, machines for wood, plastics, ceramics, bricks, glass, footwear, rubber, packaging...).

With more than 5,050 companies, over 208,000 employees and a turnover that, in 2022, amounted to 55.4 billions euro (+10.7% compared to 2021), the Italian capital goods industry exports 64,3% of its production.

The sector's Made in Italy is known for giving end users around the world extremely high technical standards and the ability to tailor our offering to specific needs. The figure that best summarizes this situation is the trade balance surplus, exceeding 23.7 billion euros in 2022.

Based on these numbers, and the contents of the offer, Italy therefore plays a primary role in the scenario of Europe. Italy ranks third both in terms of its contribution to European GDP and in terms of industrial turnover. But for contribution to the Machinery and Equipment the role of Italy is decidedly more important: it is second after Germany, with a double added value compared to the French competitors.



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